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Why Need A Baling Press?

Baling PressTrash baling presses used to be for restaurants and other commercial businesses that produced a lot of waste. In a restaurant or food service situation trash baling presses improve sanitation and increase security because kitchen workers don’t have to handle trash as much and are not constantly going out the back door to throw out the trash.

trash baling press reduces garbage volume by 75% or more so you can take the trash out less often and save space, also eliminates dangerous bags or piles or trash sitting around the work area.

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Differences Between Pneumatic Baling Press and Hydraulic Baling Press

The main difference between them is their speed. Pneumatic baling presses are much faster than hydraulic baling presses, and that means their are many jobs they can perform faster and more efficiently. However, this makes them ill-suited for hydroforming or other jobs where the hydraulic baling press’ slower speed is an advantage.Hydraulic Balong Press | Baling Press

There are also differences as far as maintenance. Hydraulic presses require more care, and have more components attached to them for this purpose, making them more complicated. Pneumatic presses require less time and energy for maintenance. Continue reading

What Can A Steel Drum Baling Press Do?

Waste Steel Drums | Steel Drum Baling PressThe steel drum baling press is an increasingly important part of any company’s waste management strategy, and as greater focus is placed on recycling and sustainable management of resources, the ability to prepare drums for reuse by crushing them for storage means that you will be doing your bit for the environment by getting drums ready for reprocessing. The cost benefits of a  steel drum baling press are numerous, ranging from the fact that they reduce the amount that a business needs to pay for the disposal of used drums through to the more subtle savings such as the reduction in the amount of space that needs to be dedicated to storing waste products. Continue reading

Benefits Of Using Drum Baling Press

Drum baling presses are used for purposes like crushing old and used drums or compressing hazardous waste. Most drum baling presses are equipped with safety features to ensure blast-free compaction. Most of these units also come with liquid-draining features. They can also be operated from a distance (to ensure maximum safety) with the use of microprocessor controls. Drum baling presses are meant to produce up to 85,000 pounds of force with minimum distortion. These equipments are being used to crush steel, fiber, or even plastic drums.

Drum Baling Press For Waste Drums Recycling | Hasswell Technology

With the ease of use offered by the latest steel drum baling presses, and the impressive power that they are able to bring into place for crushing and compressing waste makes them a useful tool for managing your storage space.Presently, there are also some models called the in-drum baling presses which can do the job even while the operator is just inches away from the equipment. Continue reading

Cardboard Baling presses – From Trash To Cash

Cardboard baling presses for recycling are not only save the environment but also save time and cash especially in businesses’ trash disposal. Knowing that cardboard is the number one packing material used in commercial shipping, it is no longer new to people on how much waste we get out these cardboards. With this fact, it is an excellent reason to invest inside a waste cardboard baling press for recycling cardboard boxes and inserts.

A great waste management system would help a lot of companies with recycled cardboard boxes and inserts which is a good source of income. A lot of companies get these recycled materials since they are cheaper. Continue reading

Waste Baling Press Equipment for Recycling Plastic

All areas of commerce are being urged to reduce the volume of their waste which is sent to landfill. Governments have introduced landfill taxes and this makes it very pricey to send waste to landfill. There is a tax per tonnage, which is rising annually.The exploitation of waste baling presses is actually ever-increasing in the overall market place in great volumes on a daily basis. People are realising how and where a waste baling can be utilised and the real savings which can be made, on their waste disposal expenses. Continue reading