Steps to Wire A Cardboard Bale From The Baling Press

Steps to Wire a Cardboard Baling Press No matter what type of cardboard baling press, emptying it requires following a few simple instructions.

First, pull down the front wire gate and press the “On” button located on the right side of the baling press to compress the cardboard. Wait until the baling press has compressed the cardboard all the way and then press the red “Stop” button to hold it in place. Turn the knob on the right side counter-clockwise to open the baler and expose the cardboard.

Then, pull open the door all the way and check whether the cardboard is compressed in place. Grab four pieces of 1/8-inch thick wire long enough to wrap around the cardboard. This wire usually need to be at least 12 feet long and will be wrapped around the cardboard so it does not break open when the pressure is released. Slide the first piece of wire through the first hole between the top of the cardboard and the baling press, beginning at either end. Move to the other side of the baler and slide the same piece of wire through the bottom.

Grip the top and bottom of the wire. Tighten it down around the cardboard. Wrap the wire in circles around itself along the front of the cardboard to secure a knot around the cardboard. Move down to the third hole and repeat the same process with the second piece of wire. Install the remaining two pieces of wire, skipping a hole between each so that the wires are spaced at equal lengths down the cardboard. Tighten the wires in place. Slide a pallet onto the ground directly in front of the baling press to make sure the cardboard can fall onto it.

Press the “On” button on the baler to begin raising it and release the pressure from the cardboard. Step back and wait for the cardboard to tip onto the pallet once the pressure is released. Shut the door once the cardboard is out. Turn the knob clockwise until the door is completely shut.

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