Steel Drum Baling Press

Steel drum baling press which are earmarked for crushed the steel drum flat was developed by Hasswell Technologies.

Steel drum baler  are used to flat the maximum 50 gallons (225 liters) drums. Volume compression ratio up to 6:1 to 8:1. Compressed empty steel drums can greatly save the storage space. Manufacturers can increase a oil pan to set in the bottom of the steel drum baling press according to the requirements by customer, as the machine also comes with closed doors and safety switch to ensure that the remaining oil will not spill and operational security.

Steel Drum Baling Press - Hasswell Technology

Steel Drum Baling Press

Steel Drum Baling Press - Hasswell Technology

Steel Drum Baling Press

Steel Drum Baling Press Feartures:

  • Hydraulic operation by means of control levers/buttons and manual loading
  •   Feeding from the upper
  •   Rapid compacting cycle
  •   Safety standard: automatically stop when open the door
  •   Easy operation

Competitive Advantages of Hydraulic steel drum baling press :

  1. Specializing in balers manufacturing and exporting for more than 10 years, with skillful workers, professional engineers and mature sales network.
  2. As the leader of the waste material recycling area in China, with rich technology, experience and Service networks, Hasswell always provide high quality products and best service.
  3.  We have customers in Japan, Indonesia, South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, and Brazil and so on, providing quality products and services to the customers all around the world.
  4. In our business, credibility and reputation is the most important asset we have got.
  5. At present the company has the experienced design team, may customize models according to your special requirements.

Watch How Baling Press Works:

Baling Press Parameters:

Power Rating2 tons
Maximum Thrust2 tons
Pressing Cycle60 seconds
Dimensions of Packing Chamber500 x 700 x 800 mm
Weight of Packed Material80 - 90 kg
Machine Dimensions660 x 1718 x 1960 mm
Machine Weight450 kg approx
Working Pressure8 bar
Manual TyingBanding or iron wire
Modules2 packing chambers

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