PET Bottle Baling Press

PET bottle baling press made by Hasswell is specially used to compact PET bottles. This PET bottle baling press greatly reduce the volume of PET bottles, thus saving the storaging space and transportation costs. Hasswell manufactures baling presses in European standard and all Hasswell machines are built in China with good workmanship and reliable quality.

PET bottle baler

Watch How The PET Bottle Baling Press Works:

Features of PET Bottle Baling Press:

  • 1. Robust design, universal application
  • 2. Easy four-track tying
  • 3. Rapid compacting cycle
  • 4. One side feeding with safety mechanism
  • 5. Safe and easy operation
  • 6. Optional anti-rebounce hooks
  • 7. Automatic ram return
  • 8. Automatic bale bounce out mechanism
  • 9. Zero oil pressure when idle

PET Bottle Baling Press Technical Data:

Plastic Bottle Hydraulic Baling Press

Vertical hydraulic baling press produced by Hasswell is used for waste paper, plastic bottles and loose materials such as film compaction.Hasswell adopted the most advanced hydraulic baling press production and design technology from Europe and America, all products are based on the European standard, possessing reliable qualities and safety in use.

Vertical Hydraulic Baling Press

Vertical Hydraulic Baling Press

Plastic Bottle Hydraulic Baling Press Features

  • Four strapping slots, convenient to operate;
  • Three side walls, unilateral feeding, effectively avoid mistake and cause damage
  • Can be equipped with the rebound barb
  • Equipped with safety switch and open safety chain institutions
  • Using high electric control components, convenient to operate, durable, can be used without debugging
  • Manual strapping, automatic turn bags
  • Rigidity platen structure,facilitate to recycle various waste
  • Rapid compaction, low noise, high efficiency
  • Non-pressure stroke work, platen homing automatic and no-load to avoid the high oil pressure condition, reduce power consumption
  • Wide application,fashion appearance, fine craftsmanship

Users can choose corresponding model according to stock size and capacity.

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