Marine Baling Press

Marine baling press was designed to meet the waste disposal needs of many ships and offshore installations, then these waste can be treated appropriate in port.To facilitate processing and classification, the operation procedure is as follows:

Features of Marine Baling Press:

Marine baling press can deal with routine waste and perform basic effective classification in a single device. Marine baling press has different uses of rubbish room, such as used to compress the plastic film, cardboard cartons of compressed package, plastic bottles, fruit bags, mixed dry garbage and tins. Pressing power equipment with safety handle and side movement electric machine makes the compactor operate safety.

  • 1. Two to eight rooms can be arbitrary choose; the machine also can be adjusted after delivery
  • 2. Three rooms: bag compression, packaging and tin compression
  • 3. Standard machine including four rooms: one bag compression,one tin compression,another two use for packing
  • 4. Assembly is simple, easy to positive servo
  • 5. High strength steel structure
  • 6. Five tons of extrusion pressure will reduce 700 liters volume to 125 liters
  • 7. Full pressure packing
  • 8. Various size packing
  • 9. Front door lock when compressing

BH series of single room marine baling press is more suitable for offshore operations of small ships. This is the most economical packing baling press in waste disposal system. At present 50% of the garbage on the ship is cardboard and plastic film. It would be easy to recycle the waste if they were packed properly and reduce the costs through the recovery.

BH series baling press design durable and easy for maintenance. Semi-automatic bale sending device facilitate to deal with the bales that weight up to 50kg, compress the garbage into the bags directly. Cardboard and plastic strapping are easy to store and deliver to the shore by the forklift truck. Marine baling press should be put nearby the waste source, such as waste treatment room.

  • 1. Compressed cardboard boxes, plastic film and bags,etc
  • 2. Covers less area, strong performance
  • 3. Steel structure
  • 4. Electrical and mechanical drive, low noise
  • 5. The impact extrusion infinite variable speed
  • 6. Automatic shows the packed bales
  • 7. Full pressure packing
  • 8. A variety package sizes
  • 9. Artificial silk thread or bind belt to pack
  • 10. Motor drive the package sending device
  • 11. Positive simple maintenance
  • 12.With emergency stop and safety switch on the door
Hydraulic Baling Press

Hydraulic Baling Press


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