General Waste Baling Press

General waste baling press

General waste baling press is designed for rubbish at kitchens, food preparation sites, ship, offices, and general waste areas. General waste, including food and fluids, can be compacted reducing spiraling waste costs and saving 80% of space and valuable staff time.

Each year millions of dollars are lost in the inefficient disposal of low density waste. In the United States waste hauling is charged by Volume. This baling press machine reduces trash volume which decreases the number of trash pickups or dumpster size.

Our general waste baling press machine has proven to withstand the challenging conditions, and can be manufactured in stainless steel or iron, manual or hydraulic. In addition, it can be fitted with wheels making it easy to move the waste baling press around to various locations. Being mobile also makes cleaning the waste baling press machine easier. Alternatively, the waste baling press can be fasten to the floor, perfect for uneven ground and offshore environments.

In order to preventunit operation if any of the doors or latches are not fully
closed or if any of control levers are released, we make the safety switches.
And it is operated with both low noise and low energy consumption.

baling press

waste baling press

Features of general waste baling press:

  •  Cost effective
  •  Safety switches system
  •  Simple, Safe, Reliable Operation
  •  Corrosion resistance for harsh environments
  •  Compaction with a 3:1 to 8:1 safety ratio
  •  Compacts all types of waste
Hydraulic Baling Press

general waste baling press