Cotton Baling Press

Cotton Baling Press is mainly used to press the cotton for volume reduction.
It will reduce the shipping space thus reducing the transportation cost accordingly.

As a professional cotton baler manufacturer in China, we adopt internationally
advanced technology and equipment in the production of cotton baling press.

Cotton Baling Press Features:

Uses hydraulic drive mode and electrical control
Compact structure
High operation efficiency
Low energy consumption
Strong environmental adaptive ability
Low running noise, stable running
Easy to operate and can stop or ran at any working position.

Cotton Baling Press Applications:

Cotton baling press is designed not only to bale cotton, but also to
bale or compact similar loose material like plastic, paper, cardboard, ect.
We also offer many kinds of balers.

Cotton Baling Press Technical Parameters:
Motor power11 kw
Maximum thrust50 Ton
Bale Weight300-500 kg
Cylinder diameter520*1300 mm
Baler size1300*820*1300 mm
Machine size1560*950*3300 mm
cotton baling press

cotton baling press

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