Manual Trash Baling Press

Manual trash baling press is a small, portable trash baling press. It can effectively reduce about 50 to 70% of junk volume, reduce the waste storage and transportation costs. The manual baling press helps you quickly and easily deal with water bottle, old clothes, paper, plastic films, paper boxes, aluminum cans, etc.

Manual Trash Baling Press Features:

  • Small size, easy to move
  • Manual control system
  • Operation is simple and safe
  • Lock fixed, garbage bags will not slip
  • Very solid construction for long life
  • Instantly adapted to by employees and around the house
  • Very quick payback due to the low up front cost and excellent compaction / reduction ratios

manual trash baling press - Hasswell Technology

Watch How Manual Trash Baling Press Works:

Technology Parameters:

Compaction ratio3:1
Feed-opening (mm)∅445
Chamber dimension (mm)R500 *700
Machine size (mm)610 *770 *1820
Ram stroke (mm)560
Machine weight (kg)180
Max compress volume(L)145

The Advantages Of The Manual Trash Baling Press:

• Reduce waste handling costs
• Reduce trash storage space
• Convenient for waste recycling, good for environment
• Reduce the volume of waste packaging pile up

Manual Trash Baling Press’s Applicable Occasions:

Apply to restaurants, retail stores, schools, cinemas, small scrap enterprise and all low density of trash sites.Users can choose corresponding model according to stock size and capacity.

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  1. What is the pricing for a vertical trash compactor ?

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