Electric Baling Press

Electric baling press is used to compact waste plastics, cardboard, films, etc. Thus reduces the volume and saves the costs of collection/transportation. Electric baling press is suitable for small amount of waste processing.

Trash Compactor
Baling Press

Features of Electric Baling Press

1. Reduces wastes volume up to 60%

2. Facilitate waste recycling, and beneficial to the environment

3. High efficiency

4. Safe and easy to operate

Technical Specifications of Electric Baling Press

Power 0.75 kw
Pressure 600 kg
Volume reduction 60%

Cycle time 11 s
Machine sizeL750mm*W610mm*H1980mm
Machine weight280 kg

The Advantages of The Electric Baling Press:

• Reduce waste handling costs
• Reduce trash storage space
• Convenient for waste recycling, good for environment
• Reduce the volume of waste packaging pile up


Apply to restaurants, retail stores, schools, cinemas, small scrap enterprise and all low density of trash sites.Users can choose corresponding model according to stock size and capacity.